ABOUT Forglass


Forglass was created from a fusion of 3 companies with over 25 years of experience in completing glassworks contracts. Our business activity is focused on providing end-to-end supply of glass furnaces and batch houses, as well as turnkey projects for complete industrial plants.

Forglass has developed a strategy with four key components:

  • high health and safety standards
  • quality at work
  • comprehensive planning that saves time and money
  • fast and constant communication

The company employs 200 highly qualified people, including over 30 engineers.

With its modern approach to business, Forglass is growing to be a new leader in the area of end-to-end GLASS FURNACE AND BATCH HOUSE supply.

about forglass
about forglass

We work on the European market and beyond. Due to a great interest in the services available, the company has opened four offices abroad with plans to open more.

Our ambition is to work for the best and most demanding companies. To achieve this, we are building a team of unique people, who are capable of changing reality.


  • 25
    years of experience of the companies that form Forglass
  • 200
    qualified employees
  • 108
    implemented projects
  • 32
    returning clients