We know that employees are the greatest asset of FORGLASS. Providing opportunities to develop and creating the best possible conditions in the work environment are among the top priorities of our organisation.
We are always on the look-out for new potential in our team and among the candidates, which can bring our company competitive advantage and growth opportunities.
We value creativity, open communication, and we offer our employees a wide package of opportunities to choose from.


In Forglass we are looking not only for specialists in a given field, but also for cooperative workers, who care for the success of the whole team. As well as professional competence, we also cherish compliance with our organisational culture, , and the sharing of our values and business vision which we all pursue. Forglass offers a place for ambitious and self-motivated people, who are ready to bear the responsibility for their tasks, perform them in their entirety and achieve excellent results.

Some of the key skills in achieving success are persistence and passion for completing long-term goals, and this is exactly what we expect from our employees.

A healthy and constructive atmosphere in a company is one of the basic factors that influence productivity and morale of employees. This is why we value innate respect for other people and for co-workers within the career structure.

Integral to our work globally, is for our personnel to use the opportunity for international career development.


  1. CV analysis by a recruitment specialist
  2. Interview over the telephone
  3. Direct job interview
  4. Second job interview
  5. Third job interview (depending on the position in the company)
  6. Probation period (TEST)
  7. Decision