Life plan

Forglass Sp. z o.o. has joined the Marek Kaminski Foundation in the quest to change human lives. Key part of the Life Plan project, an 8-month long developmental scholarship program, is the Pole method formed by Marek Kamiński, a well-known Polish polar explorer and traveller. The method was created on the basis of Marek’s experiences from Polar expeditions. Life Plan is a continuation of support for young people, who are making changes in their lives. The Pole method had a big impact on Jasiek Mela during the expeditions to the Poles in 2004.

The aim of the Life Plan is to provide support for youths between 12 and 16 years of age, who undergo the 8-month long program, during which they learn the Pole method, using tools that help them achieve their goals.

Throughout the process, they formulate their goals and learn how to achieve them. During the program, they have the opportunity to build self-esteem and the attitude of a Conqueror. Participants develop new competences that allow them to make decisions that shape their lives.

Everyone can help – join us and give children an equal start ! 😊

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Life plan news

The workshop opening the Life Plan programme, the so-called “Zaprawa” (“Conditioning”), took place in May 2018. It was carried out in the spirit of adventure and was a real workout before the Camp 😊

life plan